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Shop system


Synetma Shop System

As an entrepreneur, it is very advantageous these days to sell your products in an online shop. Because it is often easier for the customer to search for and buy a certain product online than to have to be there. This increases the number of customers in a company enormously and you have lower costs.


Product photography at Synetma

Above all, these photos are very preferred in online shops. For this reason, our company also offers this type of service, because we believe that it is very important how a product is presented on the Internet.

Various factors play an important role, such as lighting, perspective, color and the right film material.

Furthermore, you can, for example, make less interesting products much more interesting by using different light and shadow effects. Ultimately, professional image editing is also very important.
Are you interested and would like us to take over the photography of your products for you?

Then contact us and we will make sure that your products are more popular!


Special features of a shop system are ...

  • Creation of an account system: As soon as the customer has accepted the terms and conditions, a member account can be created. This gives the customer a better overview of their purchases.
  • Division into product categories: You can create and manage categories for your products.
  • Product management: You can add or edit the name, price, properties, images and descriptions for each product.
  • Shopping cart 
  • Ordering system: If a product is not in stock, you can give the customer the opportunity to order this product.
  • Search function
  • Filter function: Products are sorted according to type and properties in a ranking
  • Profile management for customers
  • Different ways of displaying products on the home page
  • Automated delivery of invoices and order confirmations
  • Products with a discount are highlighted in the shop. In addition, companies can receive a volume discount from a certain number of products.
  • Message function: You can send your customers both circular emails and individual messages.
  • Administrator panel: We create a panel for you, which gives you the possibility to administer the site with administrator rights.
  • Customer statistics: A customer panel will show you in statistics which customer when and how much of your online shop bought.
  • Banners & Flash animations: We create your own company banners and Flash animations so that you can, for example, advertise your website on pages like Facebook.
  • Language selection: With just one click, your customers can navigate through the different languages ​​and select one of them.
  • Generate QR codes for your products
  • And much more ...

Product photography Synetma

  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma
  • Product photography Synetma

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