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Invoice system


Accounting system

Of course, creating a shop system alone is not enough. As in any normal business or company, correct accounting is very important.

That is why our company also offers suitable accounting systems in addition to creating a shop system. This has the advantage that you always have an overview.

Here are the details of the accounting system:

• A separate website is created with which you can manage invoices from one or more online shops.

• Thus, all your shops are controlled by a website with the set up accounting system, which gives you a good overview and structure.

          o Let's assume that a company creates several online shops "X", "Y" and "Z" for us.

          o Now the customer who orders a product from "X" will receive an automatic order confirmation, order number and invoice from the accounting system.

          o It works the same way for purchases of "Y" and "Z".

• Another advantage is that you can create delivery notes, invoices and offers with just a few clicks.

          o You do not have to write a new invoice etc. every time and thus save this effort.

• In addition, the billing system guards unpaid purchases and automatically sends reminders if a customer's payment is delayed.

• Furthermore, the accounting system creates statistics about your customers and sales.

          o For example, you can see which of your customers have bought the most or which of your products has sold the most.

          o Of course, we can also take other factors into account in the statistics if desired

          o The display is both graphical and numerical.

          o You can also change the period of the statistics between "day", "week", "month" and "year".

As an illustration of how such an accounting system is structured, you can take a closer look at the following sample examples. (ATTENTION: For legal reasons, we have removed names, company names etc.)

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