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SMO (Social Media Optimization)


In addition to SEO, there is also the SMO. This is the optimization of your website, for example by adding extensions to your website, with the help of which the customer or you as the owner of the website can use social media functions in connection with your website. The intention and the basic idea of ​​social media optimization is the integration and interaction with social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter etc., which have a large mass of users. The advantages of the SMO are:

  • Your website is more easily and more often included and shared in social networks.
  • Informative and good content reaches the right addressees and readers.
  • Other websites also have the option of transferring content from their website, linking, referencing or networking. This ensures interaction and communication for your website.
  • Users of your website can give feedback themselves and thus contribute to the improvement of your website

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