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Online learning


Online learning with Bileasy?

Did you miss a lesson?

No problem! With Bileasy you can easily see the missed lessons in your folder.

• Video conferencing option between the class and the teacher
• Possibility of entertainment, also exchange of files
• Image upload options
• Specially developed image processing program enables the uploading of high-resolution image material without sacrificing quality, for this the optimal display size on the website is calculated.

The Bileasy distance learning system consists of 4 basic levels:

- document exchange
- Forum
- Distance learning (video conference)
- Testing

The first system;
Students and teachers can communicate with each other through these departments. You have the option to share documents, pictures and messages.
The student enters the system and watches the videos of the corresponding course.

The second system;
You can easily share documents and information through document sharing, in the question and answer area, and in the system forum.

The third system;
Live instruction in the form of video conferencing.
You create teachers, students and classes with the username and password that we send you.
The student enters the system and watches the videos of the corresponding course.

The fourth system;
Lessons alone are not enough. In order to test what you have learned, you can use Bileasy to prepare the desired tests, have them solved by the students and send them their assessment online.



What is Online learning?

With the existing computer technologies, the lectures are taught live, visually and understandably, without the students and teachers being obliged to go to school. Education and training can be used quickly under today's conditions because it is a rational, contemporary and innovative education system.

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