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Why Bileasy?

Bileasy is the platform for your school that you need. Bileasy is a relief for everyone involved in the school system. The reasons why you should choose Bileasy are explained in the following section.

You save TimeStaffMoneyPaperPrinting costs


Due to the variety of communication options,
that Bileasy offers becomes processes
tremendously accelerated. The information is accessible at all times, making it almost impossible to forget important content. The creation and maintenance of new data on the website is also very simple. It is precisely this simple operation that also saves you a lot of valuable time.


As the name suggests, Bileasy is very easy to use. Maintaining and filling the website with current content is child's play with Bileasy. Not only are fewer people required to maintain the data, the simplicity of Bileasy also relieves the staff of time-consuming technical tasks and allows them to concentrate much more on the content.


Digitizing your data not only saves valuable resources such as paper. Ink consumption, maintenance of printer equipment and the purchase and supply of textbooks are all costs that you can save with Bileasy.


Have you ever wondered what impression your school website has on the viewer? Many school websites are out of date. We live in an age in which almost everything can be done over the Internet. No matter whether on social media, for shopping or to make contact with people. Those who miss this trend are not attractive enough for today's generation. The strong and modern presence of schools is therefore very important online.
A modern website and the resulting mobility are very well received by pupils of the "new generation", for whom the Internet is omnipresent, as well as by their parents and increases their attractiveness. It instills a feeling of trust that this school has a contemporary class.


Design & Usability

Well-known designer Steve Rogers once said that "... designing a product includes that
Relationships designed ”. It is important that end users can easily navigate the website.
Therefore you should ask yourself the following questions:

- How quickly does the user understand the meaning and the possibilities of the website visited?
- How efficient is the use of the website - does the user get to his destination (quickly)?
- How error-prone is the website?

In many cases, websites are constructed in such a way that users are either put off by the design or the pages are so complicated that they only find what they are looking for after a long search. Bileasy offers you a contemporary and simple design that makes it easier for end users to get along and not be overwhelmed.


Do you know that too?
You are planning an event or have recently held one and would like to have it published online. Your web designer - if you have one at all - takes a very long time to edit, so that the publication makes no sense afterwards.
With its simple and user-friendly interface, Bileasy allows you to insert, change or remove content on your website. You are also able to insert, change or remove entire pages as you wish. You can find all of this in our user manual.


You are doing the right things, but you are not getting the result you wanted? Does it really make sense to have a website that nobody visits?
It is now up to you to change that. Because it is possible to get a more efficient website with more impact.
Bileasy enables an up-to-date website and a platform that teachers and parents will visit every day.


Bileasy will be the new information and communication platform - both for schools and for parents.

School management <-> teacher

The school management is immediately informed about the performance and presence of individual students as well as the entire class. If a teacher should fail, information about the nearest representative to Bileasy is visible. The school management can quickly and directly contact the nearest available representative.

Teacher <-> student

Various information about the lessons, the performance and the participation of the students is recorded and evaluated. Teachers can share announcements such as homework, class assignments, exams, school trips, etc. directly through Bileasy. The students are therefore always up to date. Excuses for forgetting homework and ignorance of exam dates or events have no place.

School <-> parents

The parents receive the most important and up-to-date information such as dates for upcoming class assignments, school trips, parent evenings, but also days off or results of class assignments and tests that have already been written. Important messages can be sent directly to the class teacher via the platform.

Performance increase / satisfaction

The fact that parents have an overview of their children's academic performance and communicate much more with the school will have a positive impact on the students' performance. This not only makes parents and school happy, but also has a positive long-term impact on society as a whole.

Environmentally friendly

The public and the media expect companies to assume social responsibility and to work for a sustainable economy. Many companies strive to meet these expectations and allow a deeper insight into their sustainability measures and their impact on the environment. Not only companies are affected by this, because our environment affects everyone. Schools in particular have a great responsibility in this area. School boards that use Bileasy contribute to environmental protection by reducing paper and printing costs.


Best platform for your school "Bileasy"

  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
  • Best platform for your school | Bileasy
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