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Environmental Protection


,, paper paper and more paper "

This is exactly what we want to prevent with our digital system. We want to do without paper production and introduce digital life.

Regardless of whether in the form of books, college blocks, exercise books or apologies given to the teachers by a letter from the parents, far too much paper is used at school. Every fifth tree worldwide is felled only for the production of paper. 2.2 kg of wood are used for 3 college blocks alone.

In Germany in particular, a lot of paper is used. Each of us uses 18 million tons a year, which is as much paper as the population of Africa and South America uses together. Converted to the population, this is around 250 kilograms of paper per person per year, which in turn is three to three and a half trees that are felled by just one person. Deforestation destroys animal habitats and in some cases cuts down trees that are hundreds of years old.

Ecosystems are thus damaged or even completely destroyed, which fulfill important functions for humans and nature. Forests, for example, contain a large part of the world's biological diversity, bind the greenhouse gas CO2 and stabilize the climate. This is precisely what is very harmful to the environment in paper production because it requires an enormous amount of wood, water and energy. As much energy is required to produce a ton of paper from fresh wood fibers as to produce a ton of steel.
This is exactly what we want to prevent with our program. Because we completely do without paper! Bileasy helps reduce deforestation and contribute to an environmentally friendly climate.

We as a Synetma team enable you to send apologies online and to share important information, such as invitations to parents' evenings, appointment announcements, excursions and much more, through Bileasy, so as to avoid paper as much as possible.



Environmentally friendly

The public and the media expect companies to assume social responsibility and to work for a sustainable economy. Many companies strive to meet these expectations and allow a deeper insight into their sustainability measures and their impact on the environment. Not only companies are affected by this, because our environment affects everyone. Schools in particular have a great responsibility in this area. School boards that use Bileasy contribute to environmental protection by reducing paper and printing costs.


    Environmentally friendly

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